Northenden Riverside Park Friends Group

SG1S0475The Northenden Riverside Park in Manchester is sited on the banks of the River Mersey between Palatine Road Bridge and the Tatton Arms Bridge.

The Friends Group aims to support a wider use of the site and to enhance the Park for the benefit of the whole community by being involved in the installation of educational and environmental facilities.

The aims of the Friends Group, taken from our constitution, are:

  1. To promote the wide usership of the park
  2. To enhance the park area for the benefit of the whole community
  3. To improve the recreational, environmental and educational facilities of the park
  4. To raise funds to support the work of the Friends of Northenden Riverside Park.

We are making suggestions and offering opinions about the developments of the park as it progresses. It is a chance for park users who live locally to influence the decisions that are made by the Council and how money is spent.